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Continuing in the vain from the last blog about having a complete and accurate diagnosis I wanted to illustrate what this means in real terms.

The reality is that many sufferers of Arthritis (especially Osteoarthritis but other forms of Arthrits too) suffer needlessly. In these cases their pain may be caused from other factors and not from the arthritic changes.

When this is the case we will treat the ‘other causes’ of the pain and this in turn will often result in an instant improvement in movement and a reduction of pain. From the patients perspective it is a miracle but in reality we are addressing a simple issue that may have caused some or all of their pain.

Very often the muscles associated with the joint are responsible for pain that is felt in and around the joint.  A great example of this was found in the following case;

Arthrits pain relief in action

A middle aged farmer came to see me with severe neck pain and headaches. He was advised to stop work and find a less physical job due to the degree of Arthritis seen in his neck on X-ray. Medications were having very little benefit and due to inactivity he was also putting on weight. When I examined him he had severe spasms of his neck muscles and reducing the spasm resulted in immediate relief of pain. It turned out that all his pain was a result of the muscle spasm and dealing with that resulted a resolution of his pain.

A large proportion of Arthritis sufferers I see have pain that they can reduce or resolve. It begs the question of course, is it really arthritis pain relief or is it relieving other causes of pain? Regardless what is more important is… are you suffering needlessly?


  • Peggy JJones

    I have arthritis in my hips mainly the pain is in my left hip. Examination shows she has flexion from 0 to 110. IR 10, Er 10 and abduction 30 The specialist said I had quite large osteophytes particularly from the inferior femoral head neck junction.It is likely causing her more pain.

    I am 78 and have recently been to a Chiropractor and that seems to have helped me. Anything you can suggest I would love to hear.

    Regards Peggy Jones. 03 5716123

  • RachelPoo

    For my minor rheumatoid arthritis, I have felt like a topical cream for pain always worked really well for fast relief when I couldn’t deal with the pain. I usually like to have a little bit of Absorbine Jr topical cream for arthritis pain relief. I mix this with a towel that is soaked in hot water to really soften up the aches and pain because my job requires me to constantly type of a computer. It’s really important for me to get pain relief when I get home because I have a newborn baby to take care of and that makes it difficult when and have to deal with the aches in my hands. I soak my hands in the towel for about 30 minutes and then put on the cream. Some people like the the pain relieving liquid better, but for the deep pains in my lingers and the near my knuckles, I rather use the cream instead. I only wish that they had the cream bottle in a larger size. I got though it quite fast. Check it out for yourself if you are looking for arthritis pain relief.

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