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Hip replacement

Hip replacement is it Avoidable? How would you know?

Have You Been Told You Need a Hip Replacement? If you have been told you need a hip replacement please read on. You may be interested to hear another perspective. I am not slandering the advice of any medical professionals. But there are cases that may well respond very well to other forms of treatment. […]

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Osteoarthritis treatment at Home…

¬†How useful is it? For many arthritis sufferers there is a whole lot that they can do to help themselves in the comfort of their own home. Osteoarthritis treatment is often considered to be only palliative at best (meaning only gives mild relief to symptoms but doesn’t provide any long-term benefit). Fortunately this is not […]

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Avoiding Joint Replacement

Have you been told that you need a joint replaced? Have you had a second opinion from a qualified and experienced health professional? Often people are given the option of joint replacement but have not been given another treatment option. In some cases the pain and restriction can be helped and joint replacement can be […]

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