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To Find Eugene’s Arthritis Treatment Clinic

To find the location of Eugene’s arthritis treatment clinic please see the map at the bottom of the page…

A ‘one on one’ osteoarthritis consultation is the optimal way for Eugene to assess if his method is likely to help you as well as for starting a arthritis treatment program.

However the philosophy behind his treatment is all about giving you the tools to take care of your arthritis yourself. To hear a previous client talk about how this experience was for him please click here.

Would you benefit?

If you Have been told you have Osteoarthritis and can answer yes to any of the following questions then you would be a suitable candidate for his program…

  • Do you want to learn more about how you can help your Osteoarthritis?
  • Have you been told there is nothing that can be done to help your Osteoarthritis?
  • Does soaking in hot water help your pain and stiffness?
  • Have you been told that joint replacement is the only option?
  • Are drugs doing little to help your pain?

If it is not possible for you to see him in person then you can buy his book to learn more and/or the entire self help system to learn all you need to begin helping yourself.

Please send enquiries in the space just below or phone the clinic on 09 425 9045.