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Eugene Sims

Eugene Sims is a physiotherapist and naturopath. He is the co-founder of Warkworth Natural Therapies. He has a wife and two children. They live together in the small town of Warkworth, New Zealand. When he is not spending time with the family, Eugene will probably be surfing, fishing, working or tramping.

His Story With Osteoarthritis

Eugene’s journey with osteoarthritis began when the disease developed in his knees as a 17 year old.  He had always been very fit and active so the change in his lifestyle was very difficult. The pain was so severe that running was agony. Squatting was too painful to get past half way. In order to find a solution Eugene began training as a physiotherapist at the age of 18. The condition progressed for seven years despite physiotherapy and surgery. Reading a book for a clients knee pain led Eugene towards an answer for himself. It seemed unlikely as it was so simple but he had nothing to lose!

Clinical Experience Avoiding Knee replacement

Finally Eugene discovered a way to eliminate the pain and joint restriction without having a knee replacement. Using a natural, cost effective method of exercising specific to arthritis he has helped hundreds of other arthritis sufferers. With over 20 years of clinical experience in treating arthritis he has now developed a system for sufferers so they can treat themselves.

Now Eugene has completed a book on his personal and clinical experience with osteoarthritis – How I Achieved Freedom From Arthritis. The book contains the principles and the background needed to understand the system he has developed.   For more information about his book please go to the book page.

He now shares his knowledge with arthritis sufferers. His focus is teaching people to be able to help themselves as much as possible. In many cases has helped people avoid knee replacement and other joint replacements. Click the link to listen to someone who has avoided joint replacement.