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Self Help System

Have you read the book all about Eugene’s self help treatment for Osteoarthritis?


Did you find it interesting and want to learn more?

To effectively deliver all his self help techniques, Eugene Has compiled a system including instructional Video’s and workbooks.

The next best thing to a ‘one on one’ session with him at a fraction of the cost of personal consultations. Arguably better than just having treatment with him; as you can watch it over and over at no extra cost, in your own time, in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

This system is essentially his 20 years of experience packed into an easy to understand format to treat osteoarthritis. These tools give access to those who cant get to see him in person. With training videos that you can watch time and time again so that you can become familiar with all that what he has to share.
New Picture (1)The Self Help Essential System includes:
Introduction and safety Video
Self care instructional Video
for the joint of your choice                               


 Only $29.00 NZD for the entire system!

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