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5 Critical Questions before a hip Replacement

A hip replacement can be the best option when your hip joint has worn out. But just relying on an x-ray to make this decision is inadequate. I have helped lots of people avoid hip replacement after they were told that they needed hip replacement as a result of an x-ray.

There are 5 critical questions before a hip replacement;

1.What does heat do for your pain?

This helps us to understand the impact that the muscles are having on your joint. If you find soaking in a hot pool or similar eases you pain and increases your movement then the muscles are having a major effect on your joint.

2. Have the muscles around the joint been assessed?

If they haven’t been assessed correctly then there are 2 critical factors to be aware of.

  • If muscles are causing a lot of the pain and stiffness then surgery may be not be your best option.
  • Furthermore if muscles are causing problems and they are not addressed it can cause complications post surgery and can slow your recovery. It is much easier to have these addressed before your surgery!

3. How is your general health?

Hip replacement is major surgery and the better your health is the less risks for surgery but also if you health is very poor and you are physically very restricted then will you really benefit from a new hip?

4. What pain relief do you need and how much pain are you in?

This helps us to understand the impact that your joint is having on your well being. The less drugs you need and the lower your pain levels then the less need for replacement.

5. What is your physical need for activity?

If your life requires that you to be very active then the need for a joint replacement may be greater than someone who only needs to potter around the house.