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Better than Glucosamine for osteoarthritis

What is better than Glucosamine for osteoarthritis? To put this into perspective we need to first ask why do we use glucosamine and what is its purpose? Glucosamine is essentially the fabric what makes up the cartilage in our joints. (The cartilage is what lines the joint surfaces that move against each other and provides a smooth and low friction area for ease of movement).

In osteoarthritis this cartilage breaks down and the surface becomes rough and can cause more difficult and painful movement. So the theory is that we use glucosamine to help repair and rebuild the cartilage. However my experience has been that some people find great benefit using it while others have little benefit or none noticeably at all.

Why does glucosamine not help some people?

Well there is more to the picture than just cartilage wearing out! In every case of osteoarthritis that I have seen in the last 20 years there has been another more critical problem. The joint is under tremendous pressure from the extreme tension that the muscles are under and consequently exerting on the joint. Think about that for a minute, if the joint is under such pressure then every movement will add to the wear and tear of the joint, breaking down the cartilage further. Even if you were bathing in glucosamine it would be hard for the body to repair what is constantly being damaged!

So what is better than Glucosamine for osteoarthritis?

Well before you spend all your dosh on glucosamine, make sure you have dealt with the muscle tension and are taking the pressure of the joints. Give the joint a fighting chance. Not only will you reduce the constant pressure on the joint but also it can help to reduce any referred pain that the muscles may also be sending to the joint!