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Even Dr. Oz misses the point with arthritis

Over the last 20 years specialising in the treatment of osteoarthritis I have found that some basic but crucial facts are unknown. Even Dr. Oz misses the point with arthritis. He is not alone of course, and to be fair it isn’t his fault. As I stated I have been specialising in this for 20 years and still havnt met anyone who practices the same principles that I teach.
It’s not particularly complicated or difficult, in fact it is often very simple and straightforward. But how would you know if you don’t know what to look for? That is the problem, it is hard to find something that you don’t know exists. That is why I wrote the book ‘How I Achieved Freedom From Arthritis’.

So what is this that is so mysterious and unknown? Simple, the muscles affect on the joints!

Well as I said it is very simple, maybe too simple and maybe this is part of the problem in this high tech world we live in. Is it so simple that people think that it couldn’t possibly be real? That is exactly what I thought when I first was introduced to the concept.

I had suffered 7 years of pain and restriction, I had received physiotherapy for about a year. I had undergone minor surgery, consulted with Dr’s and specialists. Despite all of this my problems got worse. Eventually I read something that suggested that some of the pain I was experiencing could be due to muscle referring pain into the joint? Sounded whacky and irrelevant, especially as the surgeon said the cartilage in my knee was wearing out!

Highly sceptical, I proceeded with the one stretch as suggested. One lousy stretch! After all the exercises and nonsense I had tried earlier how would one stretch make a difference? Well that was a good question, one that took me several years to answer and understand. But it was that one stretch that after 3 months of persistence resolvedĀ  all my pain and stiffness!

In hindsight it is simple but is logical and makes perfect sense when the reasons are understood. It also explains why it is so unknown and how it goes unnoticed.