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Avoiding Joint Replacement

Have you been told that you need a joint replaced? Have you had a second opinion from a qualified and experienced health professional? Often people are given the option of joint replacement but have not been given another treatment option.

In some cases the pain and restriction can be helped and joint replacement can be avoided. This video illustrates an example of someone who avoided joint replacement and has had no further problems after using my self help system.

To have a joint replacement or not is a major decision to undertake, but having plenty of information can be very useful to help that decision. Obviously once you have had the surgery there is no going back, but also if you delay surgery for many years you will be older when it comes to dealing with the effects of surgery which could be a drawback.

From my perspective, when assessing how well someone will benefit from my treatment without surgery there are many factors to consider and a comprehensive process to work through before we can reach a reasonable answer. I will expand on this but to gain more understanding of this I suggest you read my book which gives the full background and explanation of my treatment.

To begin with we will address these factors:

  • The severity of the degenerative changes in the persons joint are one of the major aspects to consider.
  • How much inflammation there is and the amount of anti-inflammatory medications needed.
  • The degree of joint disfigurement.
  • The limitations of function and movement.
  • The severity of pain that the person is in.
  • Age and general health is a important factor especially if the person may be too risky to operate on when they are older.

This is the starting point in the process and these questions are explored even before we do any hands on assessment of the person and their problem joint.

Of course for some people the decision is much easier i.e. they may have a health condition that prohibits them from undergoing surgery or things are so bad that they need replacement immediately!