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Osteoarthritis treatment at Home…

 How useful is it?

For many arthritis sufferers there is a whole lot that they can do to help themselves in the comfort of their own home. Osteoarthritis treatment is often considered to be only palliative at best (meaning only gives mild relief to symptoms but doesn’t provide any long-term benefit). Fortunately this is not necessarily true. I have helped many people develop their own home Osteoarthritis treatment programs with great results. In many cases completely resolving their pain and returning their movement and function to normal!

Here is a typical example of such a result.

What osteoarthritis treatment can you do yourself

There are many things that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home to help your osteoarthritis. Of course each treatment plan is different for everyone depending on their level of pain and restriction. But generally speaking we use a combination of the following strategies for most people.

  • Stretching; specific to the muscles around each joint, to help reduce compression on the joint and ease pain.
  • Massage for the muscles the effect each joint (not just the muscles around the joint but also muscles that may refer pain to the joint). This can be brilliant in reducing pain.
  • Acupressure; when the joint is too inflamed to massage around this can be more beneficial for pain relief and movement.
  • Heat and cold application to help inflammation and reduce muscle tension.
  • Strengthening exercises; targeting weak areas to help increase strength.

The key to any osteoarthritis treatment however is targeting the most important areas. This is where the individualization comes into play and we need to make sure that the treatment is specific to the needs of each person.

This specialization is obviously outside the scope of this blog and is the reason I have developed the comprehensive self help system for osteoarthritis treatment.