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Arthritis Secrets Revealed

Finally, some of the incredible Arthritis Secrets revealed! It is absolutely appalling that some of the most critical aspects of osteoarthritis are unknown. I suffered for 7 years in literal agony and couldn’t engage in the sports and recreational activities that I wanted to… until I learned the following secrets.

I have seen countless people in my practice suffer needlessly and some even undergo unnecessary surgery, just because some simple things about their pain was unknown. In many cases my clients were told that joint replacement was essential, they have achieved increased mobility and elimination of pain without the need for surgery.

So why the secrets and why are people not told the full story?

Well I don’t think there are any conspiracy stories here! It really seems that the full understanding of  all factors involved in osteoarthritis are unknown. Obviously if it is unknown it cannot be taught and cannot be part of a typical assessment process.

This is a tragedy when we realize that was is missing in the understanding of osteoarthritis is very simple. In fact some people think that it is too simple and therefore is nonsense! However much of the background to this is real, it is factual and it has also been scientifically validated.

So without any further delay I will give you….

Arthritis Secrets Revealed

While this pertains specifically to Osteoarthritis the applications often apply to other forms of arthritis also.

It turns out that while osteoarthritis is a joint ‘disease’, it is hugely affected by the state of the muscles around the joint. When the muscles around the joint are in a spasm or shortened state they will often cause pain and reduction in movement. These muscles not only put extra pressure directly onto the joint (and cause irritation and pain directly to the joint). But can also refer pain into the joint giving the impression that the joint is the source of the pain when it may not be at all!

In any treatment of arthritis it is essential that these muscles are assessed correctly and dealt with appropriately. For many people getting this addressed properly can be the difference between a life of suffering or freedom!