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Arthritis in hands, are you suffering and need help?

Osteo Arthritis in hands is a very common problem but unfortunately most people believe that there is nothing that can be done to help. If this is you then I have two words for you… Chicken Legs!

No this has nothing to do with eating chicken bones/cartilage to extract the Chondroiten and Glucosamine (although this may help a little).

And NO this has nothing to do with my teenage nickname either!

I am referring to the illustration of when a chicken carcass is butchered. Have you ever seen someone pull on the tendons in the leg of the Chicken? These attach to the feet of the Chicken and by pulling on these long tendons the feet will move! It always surprises people with respect to how far away the tendons travel from the feet.

No I haven’t lost the plot this is very relevant to arthritis in hands!

This is Especially relevant to Osteo arthritis in hands.

The point being that with Arthritis in hands most people think all the problem is related to just the hands. Well this is not the case. Sure the hands are part of the problem but certainly not all of the problem. You see the muscles of the forearm can be a big factor in arthritis of hands.

The forearm muscles begin just below the elbow and then join onto the tendons that attach to your hands and fingers. The tension from forearm muscles can put direct pressure on to the hand and fingerĀ  joints and can add to or cause the wear and tear in these joints.

Further more this can cause stiffness in the hands/fingers. Also if these forearm muscles have trigger points then they can also refer pain into the fingers and hands!

In fact many cases with hand pain that I have treated have had all the pain coming from the forearm muscles.

All the self help techniques for treating your own osteo arthritis in hands can be found in my self help system.