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Eliminating Joint Pain in Arthritis

Joint pain in Arthritis can be complex. Especially if you are not aware of all of the causes of pain. But the worst thing is that some joint pains that could be eliminated are not addressed. This often means suffering when you don’t need to!

So how does this occur? Simply as there has not been enough investigation into the details for many Osteoarthritis sufferers.

If you hear the words “you have arthritis and there is nothing that can be done to help”. Or something similar, then it is likely that you may have not been given the full assessment necessary to determine all the contributing factors for your arthritis and joint pain.

Here are the most crucial contributing factors for joint pain in arthritis in my experience;

1. Joint degeneration – the amount of wear and tear in the joint.
2. Inflammation – swelling and pain are common with inflammation.
3. Referred pain – pain that is in the joint but comes from other areas of the body.
4. Muscles – weak and tight muscles will add to further problems including pain and further deterioration.
5. Poor bio-mechanics – if your wheels are wobbly (your feet move incorrectly) this can affect any of your weight-bearing joints.

It is a sad fact that I see countless cases where joint pain is being predominantly caused by factors other than just the joint degeneration.
In these cases if these factors are treated correctly then the pain can be greatly reduced and often will disappear.
If they are not dealt with (often because they are not even acknowledged) then the joint pain will go on…and on and on!