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Weight Loss For Arthritis Part 4

This is the last article in a series focusing on weight loss for Arthritis. While this last topic is the least ‘sexy’ it is the most critical aspect of all when addressing weight loss for arthritis. Without this most if not all attempts for weight loss will be a failure… or you may just put the weight straight back on! What could be this critical you ask?

The Right Attitude!

Really, how can attitude be so critical? Well, all the best strategies used in weight loss for arthritis take time. There are no overnight changes and the discipline needed is critical. So getting your head into the right place and keeping it there is essential. Once you are on track with weight loss for arthritis you need to stick with it it to achieve your goal weight. Also when you get there you need to stick with a lifestyle that keeps the weight off, otherwise you will put the weight back on. Research has shown that many who lose weight put it back on with extra weight on top! To avoid this there needs to be 2 clear goals.

  1. Reaching the desired weight and
  2. Keeping the goal weight!

With this in mind the key is to implement good habits when the goal weight is achieved. Instead of reverting back to the same behavior before the weight loss.

Another consideration is that losing the weight slowly is often better than quickly. In fact it does not matter how slow the progress is (as long as there is constant progress i.e. every week). Loosing 1-2 Kg a week is ideal. Losing weight too quick can be hard on your system and the whole body needs to adapt to the changes. So in cases where there is a large amount of weight to be lost it may even take 6-12 months, and this is ok!

So How Can You Be Disciplined For Such a Long Time?

A great technique that I learned for this comes compliments of Tony Robbins. He points out that as humans we are motivated by pain (emotionally speaking)! We will often act the way that causes us the least pain. So with weight loss many fail because the ‘pain’ of having to stop eating certain foods is much greater than the ‘pain’ of being overweight. While we may believe this to be the case it is typically a lie we accept in order to avoid the change.

So to wake us up to the truth we need to list all the negative reasons for being over weight…and I mean all of them! e.g.

  • Puts more pressure on our joints and increases pain
  • Puts stress on our heart and blood vessels
  • Increase risk of heart disease.
  • Increase risk of stroke.
  • Can lead to diabetes.
  • Reduces self esteem.
  • More chance of developing cancer.s
  • Generally feel unwell.
  • etc

The idea being as we fully understand the real problems of being overweight we will be more motivated to stick with a sensible weight loss lifestyle.

Get to it!!